European Distribution Meeting 2013
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European Distribution Meeting 2013

Over the last 57 years, we have developed a unique sales strategy, product range and corporate culture: as a result our international distribution network now consists of 335 companies.

The old music room in Ca’ Sagredo, in Venice, decorated with precious frescoes by Tiepolo, provided the setting for the second Bonfiglioli International Distribution Meeting. The event was held on the 19th September and was attended by 65 people from 29 of our European distributors.

The first meeting in the series was held at our Singapore subsidiary on the 16th May earlier this year. The third will be held in Cincinnati, USA, on the 7th and 8th October, and the fourth in São Paulo, Brazil, on the 9th and 10th October; both of these meetings will be held in the offices of our subsidiaries.

This series of meetings involves the cream of the Bonfiglioli distribution network in the form of BEST (Best Excellence Service Team), BEST Easy and Official Distributor companies. As such, they provide important opportunities for our sales network to exchange information on organisational and logistic issues in order to work more effectively in specific sectors and channels and to improve the service they deliver to customers around the world. At the end of the Venice meeting, participants received plaques certifying their membership of our international distribution network.

The design of modular products and the development of dedicated engineering solutions have enabled us to develop a unique model of industrial distribution that permits most of the products in our range to be customised and assembled locally in innovative processes.

The Venice meeting clearly showed that synergy between our specialist industrial distribution sales teams and industrial logistics experts is slowly but surely giving us a position of leadership in our market.