600WE series
Electric powertrains for aerial platforms

Bonfiglioli’s 600WE planetary drives incorporate an integrated, maintenance-free electric motor and offer significant benefits in terms of compact dimensions, low noise and high efficiency.

600WE Series drives are designed for use with all kinds of aerial platforms, including articulated and telescopic boom types, vertical and scissor lifts with service heights from 5 to 27 metres, for indoor use in tight spaces or outdoor use even on rough ground. This advanced powertrain solution uses a two or three stage gearbox offering reduction ratios of up to 1:95 to satisfy the widest possible range of needs. The gearbox is coupled to a low voltage induction motor (BT Series) specially developed for traction power and control applications.


- Aerial platforms (vertical, scissor, articulated or telescopic boom)
- Indoor and outdoor use
- Full-load vehicle weights from 1.0 to 16.0 tons
- Vehicle speeds up to 6 km/h
- Working heights from 5 to 27 m

Standard features

- Two stage or three stage planetary drive with reduction ratios of up to 1:95
- Optimised gear design for maximum efficiency and minimum noise
- Parking brake (spring applied with hydraulic or electromagnetic release)
- Integrated, low voltage, 3 phase induction motor with inverter control
- Integrated, high accuracy, silicon based, KTY temperature sensor
- Integrated, high resolution, Hall effect speed sensor

Optional features available on request

- Speed sensor-bearing
- Other types of temperature sensor
- Mechanical disengagement for towing, with no need to remove the wheel and without oil drop